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Scientific Committee, consisting of twelve leading women mathematicians, has been established jointly by the European Mathematical Society (EMS) and EWM. The membership of the committee is as follows:

Viviane Baladi (Paris, France)
Eva Bayer Fluckiger (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Christine Bernardi (Paris, France)
Christine Bessenrodt (Hannover, Germany)
Antonella Grassi (U Penn, USA)
Ursula Hamenstaedt (Bonn, Germany)
Dusa McDuff (Stony Brook, USA)
Ragni Piene (Oslo, Norway)
Vera Sos (Budapest, Hungary)
Ulrike Tillmann (Oxford, UK), chair
Nina Uraltseva (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Michele Vergne (Paris, France)

The committee’s remit is to provide advice to the EMS and EWM on scientific questions involving women and mathematics, such as suggesting scientific topics and speakers for the biennial EWM
meetings. Its members are currently being asked for advice about the next EWM general meeting, which will be held in Novi Sad in August 2009, and the 3rd Nordic summer school (June 2009).

With best wishes,
Sylvie Paycha (Chair, EMS Committee for Women and Mathematics)
Frances Kirwan (Convenor, EWM)


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Members of the Organizing Committee:

Jelena Aleksic (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Laura Ciobanu (Fribourg, Switzerland)
Jasmina Jocic (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Ruth Kellerhals (Fribourg, Switzerland)
Frances Kirwan (Oxford, UK)
Sylvie Paycha (Aubiere Cedex, France)
Mirjana Penic (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Dusanka Perisic (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Sanja Rapajic (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Caroline Series (Warwick, UK)
Tsou Sheung Tsun (Oxford, UK)
Zorica Uzelac (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Gordana Vlahovic (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Helena Zarin (Novi Sad, Serbia)

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